WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!    We are honored to be one of the six finalists in the Lagniappe 2021 NappiesBest Commercial Real Estate Company” category, and in addition, Mike Reid is a finalist as Best Commercial Agent!!

Mike Reid Nappies Award

Voting has begun and will run through midnight on Sunday, May 23.  You can vote once per day per category.  The winners will be announced in the July 21 issue of Lagniappe, and the ceremony will be on Friday, July 23.  Please go to www.votenappies.com   and click on the “Shopping/Services” tab and scroll to Best Commercial Real Estate.  You will only need to register your email address one time…

Mobile AL Nappies Finalist

Thank you to all who nominated MPT as Best Commercial Real Estate Company and Mike as Best Commercial Agent!  Now we need your votes to WIN!!!